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I would like to say thank you so much to Virginia McKevitt, she’s an amazing woman and just as amazing as a writer. She writes in the world of Paranormal fantasy, Science fiction, Teen and Young Adult, her Fractured series The Secret Enemy Saga is a must read! And I thank you for  tagging me to join in this blog tour. You can check out Virginia and get to know her here –

My first/favorite memories –  riding

I grew up more or less as an only child, being raised by my Grandmother and Great Grandmother, but after church I would spend time with a rodeo family. There were four sisters and me. Reggie and Brandy were my best friends. Her daddy was a Veterinarian. They had horses… and I loved them so much. So, after church we’d draw straws to see who rode what horse. I always seemed to get Bolo, he was very “spirited”. There was no telling what might get him going.

So, one Sunday we raced out to the barn and were so excited that we didn’t even saddle them. They all had reins, but no saddle. Bareback, we rode to an old dirt racetrack and imagined the announcer over the crooked intercom speaker saying our names and the horses as we would stage for an impromptu race.

About that time, Reggie’s mom pulled up across the field and we all started racing toward the old Ford Bronco. We jumped two ditches on the way to her mom, but on the third and final one, Bolo stubborned up on me and he started bucking. Now talk about being scared, I hooked my hands into his mane, because the reins didn’t do a thing. I held on for what seemed to be forever, then he stopped, but the last buck slid me right off of his back and on to the ground.

I was white as a sheet, completely terrified. Reggie’s mom walked over to Bolo, grabbed his reins, laughing at me so hard I thought she’d stop breathing. Then she straightened up and looked at me. “Alright girl, get back up here and ride Bolo back to the barn, unbridle him, brush him down and feed him.”

My eyes were as big as a full moon, but scared or not, I wasn’t telling her “no” so I got back up, brushed myself off  and rode him back to the barn.  I guess she taught me that day to always get back up.

My Books & My Library

My Library My Library is my own collection of Stephen King novels, some are like new, but a few in here are actually missing their cover, sadly. When I hit my teens I discovered Stephen King paperbacks, and just like horses, I couldn’t get enough. Thinner was the first one to start the avalanche of dark stories. One of the problems I ran into was having quiet time to read. You would think being the only child in a house with my grandmother that it wouldn’t be a problem, but it was. I sought out the only place in town that people would, one, not look for me and two, if someone did show up they would never think to bother me.

My LibraryThis is the actual graveyard I used to go to when I needed to get my fill of reading. It was quiet and I think since I was reading Stephen King, that no one there really minded.


Okay, first off I don’t want everyone to think that I’m on a morbid streak, but I’m simply stating facts. My first school was Sequoyah Elementary and it was built on top of an Indian graveyard. They tried to exhume all the graves, but missed a few. The original building was torn down and more bones were found during the new construction. They just tossed the bones into the new foundation and there are still graves under the playground there today. Creepy, I know, right?

I finished off my education at the other side of town, which, you can probably guess, is haunted too. Seminary Hall was an all girls school when Oklahoma was just Indian Territory, which today is part of Northeastern State University.

Seminary hallseminary hall today

Along with my college degree, I am trained as a Paramedic and hold certifications as a Certified Nurses Aid, Dental Assistant, x-ray technician, and level two Reiki healer.

My Passions

If I said ghosts you’d probably throw something at me. So I will attempt to keep my paranormal obsession under wraps long enough to share some of the alternate things that get me all fired up, in good ways. My hair, which I cut recently and have been crying over ever since. Kidding! I do regret cutting it though. I’m passionate in discovering amazing people, like Cassey Ho, my blogilates goddess – She has this entire section called Cheap Clean Eats that I love along with her workout videos. Lindsey Stirling is another – She’s amazing musician with the best energy. I’ve watched her from early on.

I’m so thankful to have been given this opportunity here on My Lovely Blog – Blog Tour. I’ve selected two indie authors that are as passionate about their writing as I am about my own and I hope you will continue on the journey of discovery with them.

Kate Givans is a very talented contemporary romance author and also from Oklahoma! Her Tortured Soul series is a must read. Here is her link –

kate givans

J.M. Zuniga is another awesome indie author friend of mine who is not only a Young Adult Novelist, but an award-winning poet as well. Her latest book, Gwyneth, is another book that needs to hit your To Be Read list. Here is her link, enjoy –


Thanks for stopping by… until next time. ❤

The Elemental Powers of Crescent Bound’s world

In the beginning, and please know this is relative, beginnings happen all the time.  In this instance I am speaking of a beginning.  One in which true magick is introduced to the world and a race of beings are born through its mating with nature.

At the time of this beginning there were four sisters, two sets of twins.  Their names have long been misplaced in time.  The sisters lived as wild and free as any ever have.  One day the sisters came across a cave, the cave lead to a hidden realm.  In the center of this realm was a grand garden and in the center of the garden was a pool of water.  Beside the pool sat an old woman with solid white hair.  She stirred the water in the pool with a white stick and chanted in a language the sisters could not understand.

“Where are we?”  the first one asked.

“Who are you?” asked the second.

“Why do you stir the pool?” asked the third, but the fourth sister remained silent.

The old woman smiled at the silent one and said, “Answer your sisters questions, because you know already about this place and why you are here.”

The silent one tells her sisters that she had dreamt of this place and also mating with the earth and that she would not be allowed to mate without the balance being met.  So, each of the sisters will have to mate with earth as well.  The sisters agreed and reached into the pool to retrieve natures mate for them.

The first opened her hand and held a white stone that crumbled and then spiraled into wind.  The second sister opened her hand to see a solid blue stone which turned into water but remained in the shape of the stone.  The third opened her hand and the red stone became fire but did not burn her.  The fourth opened her hand  to see a moss-covered stone that began glowing green.

You are no longer human sisters, you have become the keepers of nature and protectors of the gates between this realm and many others.  When you mate with another, they must be of your kind.  The world has a new race, one that will be the stewards of the garden of life in which you now stand.  Drink of the water of life and harm none in your endeavors.  Live free and love, protect the earth, protect your mate whether of nature or life.  Go now my defenders and prosper.

Since this beginning we have been among you, living, loving and protecting.

Copyright © 2014 Karli Rush

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Supa Christmas Sale!!

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The Next Big Thing – Interview with Tessa Stokes – Author of – Devon Ruthin and A Vampire in Love (Volume one of The Ruthin Trilogy)

Hello everyone!  Today, we have another amazing author, Tessa Stokes with us.  Tessa has several novels under her belt covering Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy as well as Young Adult genres.  Book one of “The Ruthin Trilogy” is “Devon Ruthin and A Vampire in Love” which is an Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance combination.

 Tessa, thank you for taking your time to share with everyone a little about yourself and your work.

 To get things started, Tessa, writing under the genres of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy, which require building an entire world around your characters.  Can you tell us what it took to create the world of Devon Ruthin?

 That’s a really good question and has made me think about what I did do. I remember getting the idea for the book after visiting a medieval market town in the south west of England. It has a Norman abbey with some extraordinarily old tombs and effigies in there and I just started thinking about this character who could live in a town like that hidden amongst everyone else. Suddenly I had a whole crowd of characters in my head. They are the ancient beings in the story and then along comes Bliss and who does she meet? Well my gorgeous character Devon and then the story just went wild. I don’t know how I built the world it just came out of my head onto the computer. That’s how I write most times. A character suddenly speaks to me and we’re off and writing madly.

 I am sure when Devon spoke to you that you realized “vampires” are a very hot commodity today, there are many books out there to choose from.  What is it about your vampires that you want everyone to know which may set them apart from other authors?

 I wish I could say something more convincing but I think my vampires are such characters they are identifiable. You know them. There’s Greta hiding her lust for Drew and yet being in love with Pearl. Pearl that cool as an iced coffee, sharp as a knife vampire who is the epitome of a powerful person gone wrong. As she says herself, ‘she’s the least trustworthy person she knows’. The young vampire woman who loves Drew and searches his pockets for signs he has another lover. The vampire community live with what they are in various ways. Drew uses it to his full advantage and he’s a bad boy vampire with a weird past and a weirder future, if you continue to read the Trilogy. His companions are supposed to be funny sometimes. They do Drew’s bidding out of some misplaced loyalty in volume one but they start to question that in volume two and in their sudden realization that Drew is no longer as dangerous as he was they become more confident and have opinions. Jake who suddenly wants a window painted with seaweed patterns. The fun elements are to offset the darkness of Drew who in volume one is a consummate killer and the strange echo of darkness surrounding the ancient magical beings.

 I agree that character personalities is core to a successful book, and speaking of success, ever since the Beatles, Americans have been crazy for anything British.  How do you think being from the UK may give you an advantage over other authors?

 I don’t actually think that. It never entered my head and now you’ve asked I can’t see it being an advantage. The scenes I paint in my books are of English places and the voices are quite English, but I hope that the emotional content is universal, and that’s what is important to me that everyone actually gets the characters, engages with them and the story.

 I agree, emotional content is definitely universal, take Devon for example, he is a true romantic at heart, no matter his background.  When you were creating him, how hard was it to bring a Vampire over to the side of love and still not lose the Vampire in him?

 Interesting question. Not hard at all. I think he moved towards love when he saw his own kind (vampires) turning against each other. It primed him to question them and their way of life, including his own. Of course that element of his move to love was facilitated by my creation of the community of ancient magical beings. They incidentally are loosely based on people in the ancient world.

 How wonderfully creative.  Now Devon’s love interest is Bliss and she is a doll, her sweetness and vulnerability resonates from the pages.  Was it hard to bring her out of her comfort zone when writing the book?

 Bliss was sick to death of her life when she drove off on holiday and I have met one or two real people who like her take that leap of faith into change. I’ve met an awful lot of single women who live their life alone because somehow they never meet anyone. There’s no reason for them not to be loved and yet they are not.

 There is no Devon for them and they might change their job and location but still life does not give them love. Bliss is a character in a story and so she gets it.

 Bliss however is not quite finished. In volume three which I am currently writing we discover the real reason she was called Bliss, and what really happened when her mother died in that car crash. Bliss is what you say, but she has some deeper aspects not yet revealed. She’s devoted to Devon and he to her, and that will never change. When she goes after Devon in volume one it’s supposed to give you a clue that she has some deeper things going on. She was vulnerable but now Devon loves her and she will fight for him, for his survival, to protect him.

 I am impressed that you delve into the world of the lonely romantic when writing your book.  I am sure it captures those hearts out there that are searching for love, giving them hope to not stop in their quest. 

 Now to go into the dark side of the paranormal.  Would you like to comment on the bad guys in the book?  I see a raw and untamed side and want to know more about it, please share with us your dark side.

 My own dark side? I just see the world from the angle of someone who has traveled and lived in many different places and situations. I’ve worked in some eye-opening jobs in that I have seen and dealt with all segments of society, and as Greta said, “seen some things and done more”. LOL

 I like to make my ‘bad guys’ not completely overtly bad. As myself, I despise violence and yet the vampire bad guys can’t help what they do. It’s in their nature. I wanted to give clues to some of them being inherently more prone to unpleasant behavior. They use each other, they lie and cheat, they have a core of cruelty that they are just born with. Then there are the bad guys who just end up that way because life just never gives them one break and so stealing, cheating, being outside of society is just their way of life. Their spirit gets broken and they think ‘what the Hell’.

 Again, you have built layers to these characters that will cause a reader to absorb them fully and then, the reader will have a new found appreciation for each one.  Depth in writing is so important in romance for me anyway.

 Tessa, I love your passion for writing and would you please take a moment and let everyone know what other wonderful novels you have available, also what is the next big thing?

 I have the second volume of  The Ruthin trilogy available, Drew Ruthin and the Blood of changes. That book is my favorite out of the two right now because Drew just took over there and went on a journey that I never expected to be able to ‘see’ as an author. He was helped out by the emergence of Balthazar Crane. Now he is an interesting character because he enabled me to make inroads into the psyche of the ancient magical beings with ease. The second volume is also more erotic than the first volume because the love stories are more intense.

I have a standalone novel ‘Stone Kisses’ available on kindle.

It’s modern urban fantasy, a true romance, a little erotic and very endearing. I re-read it recently when I was preparing the second edition and actually fell back in love with the story. (smiles)

Stella is a young woman living alone, working at her graphic design business, and has not had a man in her life for a long time and feels very lonely.

It’s summer and she looks around her, sees only couples, and she ends up longing for love or at least kisses.

Some distance away, Apollo and Mercury live reasonably peacefully on the outskirts of town. These two gods are left over from ancient times. They have a game they play and Stella our heroine gets caught up in it.

Stella is working hard to pay her mortgage when she becomes entangled in the game.

She is in her garden and looks back at her house, she sees it needs painting but unable to afford this she decides to buy flowers for her garden to brighten it up.

In a garden center buying flowers, Stella meets Justin. He is beautiful, strong, and attracted to her. He decides to pursue her.

She also finds a garden statue she would like, a statue of Mercury the winged messenger.

Justin knows she wants the statue and he gifts it to her.

Let the game begin.


I’m working on the third volume in The Ruthin Trilogy right now. The Ruthin Pact: Volume three in The Ruthin Trilogy.

I also write a YA urban fantasy The Seven Spell Saga, and I am working on the seventh and therefor last book in that series too.

I have another standalone that is a couple of chapters in but on hold for the time being as I really do want to finish the Ruthin’s story.

Awesome, and thank you so much for being here today!

Tessa Stokes banner interview

Tessa has lived in many places in the world because of her work, but currently resides in the United Kingdom where she was born.

She writes character driven stories, which are a genre blend of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and real life. Her books are heavily romantic. Tessa likes to write erotic and paranormal romance as well as contemporary fantasy as she says this gives her more scope for happy endings, which she thinks we all crave. Tessa has always been writing something, academic curriculum, advertising copy, fiction, presently she writes paranormal romance/urban fantasy romance, and blogs. Tessa loves to wander around the ancient places, historical sites, and ruined castles of the UK where she often finds inspiration.

Would you like to know more?  Links are made for clicking, so…

Click on the images below to purchase Tessa’s Available Work.

Special Feature – Character Interview with Sloan! From “Dying To Forget” by: Trish Marie Dawson

From the book "Dying to Forget"

Alex Pettyfer – inspiration for Sloan Nash from      “Dying To Forget”

Hey Everyone,

I am Lucky, your host here at Rush Bound Blog, and today we are on Special Assignment.  Right now, I am standing outside of Steam Coffee Shop on  Irving Street, which is very busy, even for San Francisco.  The reason I am in the city by the bay is the emergence of a new author, Trish Marie Dawson.   A bit more about her a little later, but right now I am here to speak with Sloan, one of the unforgettable characters from the book, ‘Dying To Forget’.

Hey, want to hear something interesting?  I am inside Steam waiting in a long line, and guess who is standing in front of me?  Two girls wearing the renowned Starbucks aprons.  Kinda ironic to see Starbucks girls waiting in line with me here.  I gotta know.  (Tapping the blonde on the shoulder)

Lucky – “Hi girls, I have to ask, and I’ll keep it a secret, but why would you come over here for coffee, is Steam that good?”

Cute Blonde –  “Well, um, we like the server, um… I mean the service here, right?” (smiling at her friend)

Cuter Brunette –  “Yeah, it is definitely the service!” (Looking toward the counter)

Lucky – “You know what service these ladies and dozens of others are here for?  Yep, you guessed it.  They are here to be waited on by none other than Sloan Nash.  Let me see if I can get in here and have Sloan sit down with me for a little one-on-one.”

Sloan – “Hey, what can I get you?”

Lucky – “Yes, I’ll have a tall half-skinny half-1 percent extra hot split quad shot, that’s two shots decaf, two shots regular latte with whip.”

Sloan – “A what?”

Lucky – “I’m kidding man, I’m Lucky, remember the interview thing for the book?”

Sloan – “Oh, Yeah, I’m going on break, hold on.”

Grabbing a seat in the corner of the busy shop, Sloan slides easily into his seat and Lucky pulls out a digital recorder.

Lucky – “Alright, well let’s start out with something easy.  Why work in a coffee shop? And do you drink coffee?”

Sloan – “I only work here because a girl got me the job. Guess I didn’t have anywhere better to go, so I stayed here. And nope, don’t drink coffee.”

Lucky – “A girl huh, I see a lot of girls or should I say all the “Sloan” fans around here, how do you like all the attention from the opposite sex?”

Sloan – “I don’t. Women are like vultures, man. Plus, after awhile, they all sort of seem the same.”

Lucky – “Well then, how about outside of work, what are your interests?”

Sloan –  “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a hobby. The closest thing I have to one now is my bike. And watching reality t.v. I love that crazy restaurant guy…the one that yells?” *Chef Ramsay clip*

Lucky – “Yeah, that guy is off the clock, man.  Alright, t.v. at home, bike to work, tired of the vultures, how about this?  If you could snap your fingers and wind up any place on the planet, where would it be and why?”

Sloan – “Any place? Ahh. This is easy, since I think of this a lot.  Ireland.  Some of my ancestors are from there and I really want to go some time, you know, just to check it out. I’m not sure I ever will though, because let’s face it, who goes to Ireland and doesn’t want to stay there?”

Lucky – “Hey, I think that is very cool.  I love those women with the Irish accent.  Man, I don’t care what they say as long as they keep talking.”

Lucky – “Okay, changing pace a bit.  I know the perfect person for you to talk to on this Ireland thing.  She has the power to get you there.  You were created by a great author, Trish Dawson.  How do you two get along, and what is your favorite thing about her?”

Sloan – “Not sure I can answer this honestly without serious future repercussions, (laughing) but I can say this. The woman has a warped mind! I mean, look at the childhood she gave me. What’s up with that? And, come on now…she could have made me just a little bit taller. That’s all I’m going to say about that.  She still holds the power, you know.”

Sloan – “I should add that she’s cute. And she has a sense of humor. And I like that in a woman.”

Lucky – “I know the feeling, believe me.  Hey, how about this? If you were a billionaire what would be the first three things you would spend your money on and why?”

Sloan – “Oh crap! I’d buy an island to live on because sometimes I hate people.  I mean, really hate them. There are so many idiots in the world and it seems I’ve met too many of them. Then I guess all I would need money for then would be food, beer and women. Maybe not in that order.”

Lucky – “Dude, I know this place off the coast of Australia, the waves are killer, you and I need to talk.  Alright, so I have to ask, trying to get inside that toughness, now seriously, what is the most important thing to you?”

Sloan – “The most important thing? It used to be family. But I lost my family years ago. I guess that’s why I’m broken now. Sometimes there’s no point. I mean, you can’t go through life alone. Not forever. But maybe one day, maybe one day I’ll meet someone that’s right for me. Until then, well, it’s just me. We’ll see how long I can stand myself. (laughter)”

Lucky – “Sloan, I see your break is up, gotta run myself before these vultures swoop down and eat us both, it was real, man.  Keep being real and I look forward to hearing about you in the future.”

“Thanks all, for joining me on Special Assignment – Click the book below so you can get your copy and find out what all the buzz is about.”

“Hey Sloan, I never did get my tall half-skinny half-1 percent extra hot split quad shot latte with whip…”

A little about the Author, Trish Marie Dawson.  Trish was born and mostly raised in San Diego, California where she lives now with her family and pets. She’s been writing short stories and poetry since high school after an obsession with Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’. After over fifteen years of crazy dreams and an overactive imagination, Trish began her first book ‘I Hope You Find Me’ in December of 2011.  “Dying to Forget” is her second novel.

Sloan’s favorite song- Foster the People – Pumped up Kicks

*All of the above dialogue of Sloan was provided by the author, Trish Marie Dawson* 9/3/12

Karli Rush – Crescent Bound – What genre is it?

Hello everyone,

“What genre is Crescent Bound?” is  a question I am repeatedly asked.  I thought I would muddy the waters even more by trying to answer it here, on my blog.

So here goes, okay, it starts out as a standard Young Adult, high school, boy meets girl love story, cool, but it is paranormal because the main character is a modern-day Witch living in a hidden witch world, and yet romance infects her and so now it is also a Paranormal Romance, until things start getting creepy and dangerous.  Add in a touch of darkness with a splash of fantasy along with some blood and now what?  Horror?  Suspense? Dark Paranormal?  On top of that there are some really fun sex scenes, not erotica descriptive, but it skirts the edge of that genre.  So now what, you see, when I wrote Crescent Bound, I simply wrote about the Protagonist and how her life evolves.

Let’s just say Crescent Bound unfolds from Young Adult into standard Paranormal Romance, and then leans into Dark Fantasy, and still it slides by the edge of Erotica but not quite then sprinkle in some blood type horror and what do you have now?

What you have is Crescent Bound, the first in a series of five from me, Karli Rush.  What I hope everyone discovers is that being locked into one genre is not necessary and I find drifting from one into the other quite necessary to truly tell Alyssa’s story.

Want to buy it or try it, then click below, free sample download.