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Upcoming Novel 2013 © by Karli Rush 2012

Novel 2013
© by Karli Rush 2012

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This giveaway event is epic!  Some of my all time favorite authors are involved and are giving away their best. So many talented authors coming together in this way is so rare and fantastic for all readers out there.

World wide on may of the prizes, so don’t hesitate to visit and share. I have an e-copy of my Gothic Vampire Romance, Daylight, up for grabs internationally. I wish everyone the best of luck and Happy Reading!

Authors Blog Hop – July 3rd – July 10th

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Thank you for stopping by the Authors Blog Hop.  I am Karli Rush – Author of the Crescent Bound Series.  I have put up some prizes for you during this Author Tour.  Each author is doing the same as I and there are 126 of us.  So for making it here, I thank you greatly!

Here is what I have to offer for your reading enjoyment!

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Enter to win 1 of 7 prizes. Six lucky people will win your choice of any ebook I have on my Amazon Author page.  One winner will receive a Paperback Copy of Crescent Bound – The book that got it all started.  So check out my Rafflecopter below!  Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

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