An interview with the author

Welcome everyone for joining us today for Rush Bound Blog.  Today we are interviewing the author herself, Karli Rush.

Hello Karli, thanks for being here, in your blog, can you tell us what it feels like to publish your first book?

Well, I’m not sure I want to, when I first put it up, it was to share a part of me that I am proud of and believe that there are people out there that will enjoy reading it and maybe get some deeper meanings from my writing.

I hear a “but” coming, what happened?

I got my first review, it was horrid, every fear I had about my book was pointed out in the review, the person that bought it clearly didn’t like it, one because of its YA approach, two because of an editing error, which I corrected, but after that it was just full of hate.  I try to learn from things like this, but she really zapped everything out of me.

What does that make you want to do, lash out, give up, what?

Yea, both, and neither, I guess.  I love writing and I love the people and worlds I create.  I want to share my stories with people, who will enjoy it, and there are those that do.  I have had two good comments about my book also.  I feel like the beginning of my book, Crescent Bound, starts off slow and I don’t like that, but I know it gives readers time to get to know, Alyssa and her outlook towards the mundane world, Lisa and her dedication to being a good friend, Megan and her ability to live out her desires, no matter how risque they may be.

You know, we will be speaking with Alyssa in just a moment, hey, how about we bring her out now.  Alyssa, can you join us?

Hello everyone, and Karli, (hugging the author) you have always been my inspiration.

Alyssa, don’t say that, I just tried to put it all down in writing, you are the one that is inspirational.

Okay now ladies, Karli, lets start with you, what is your favorite part of Crescent Bound?

Oh, wow, my favorite part?  I guess I would say “dim sum”

(Laughing from Alyssa)  You know, we need to talk after this is over, because in the book, you cut away before things really exploded and since your my author, I want you to know the rest of the story.

(Now laughing from Karli) Okay, I guess, just the highlight okay, I gotta drive home after this?

No problem, I’m not Megan, she will drag you through every thrust and moan, whether you like it or not, once you get her started that is.

Alyssa, what is the one thing you hope people get from reading about your life?

Well, I learned myself that opportunity does not define a person, and no matter how one is raised, treated, or mistreated, they always have a choice to be better than the expectations.  I go through a lot of stuff, and because of friends and family, I am still able  to stay together as a person, thanks again to Karli for that.


Okay, we are out of time for today, but on our next show, we will be speaking again with Karli and another surprise guest.  Until then, keep positive thoughts and seek positive gains.