Music, Magic and Mayhem

Greetings Rush Fans! I must apologize for being away for a few months. It’s been kind of crazy being a one woman army around here. 😉 I’m still taking breaks from writing now and again to work with my youngest son who has autism and just like everyone else, I’m sure, have their good days and (not-so) good days. But I am determined and committed in seeking out the best that I can for him. I have recently joined a program called Naturally Recovering Autism and I just love it! There’s a vast amount of information about how to pursue better health for someone with autism and I can’t even express how thankful I am to have stumbled upon this site. Sometimes I feel like I have jumped into an ocean of knowledge and whenever I get overwhelmed I go back to where Karen (the Founder of Naturally Recovering Autism) states, “take it slow” I feel reassured and take a few steps back. The goal is to help my son overcome some of his challenges and if we can tackle a few things one day at a time, then I know we’ll meet our goal!

With that being said, let’s move on… I have two stories I’m working on. Earth Bound and the other is Strings of Magic. Earth Bound should be out later in the year and Strings of Magic sometime this summer. Both stories are derived from the Crescent Bound series which are solely based around magic and the elements but both stories will have different main characters. I’m really excited to bring you a new cast of characters in Strings of Magic! Plus, I love the fact that the story will be set in an entirely different scheme, instead of starting out like you may have read in Crescent Bound, meeting Alyssa and viewing her as a young witch, learning and discovering things this story will begin with someone older that knows her craft. I don’t want to give away too much but I will give you the blurb for Strings of Magic –

 In a world where witches live among humans, Oliva Belmont keeps her magical traits a tight-lipped secret. Until one night, while out with a friend, she discovers another witch seducing a crowd with his siren-esk voice. His lyrics are more than just words. They are the emotions drawn from the sea of people gathered around the stage. Oliva refuses to succumb to any of this because she feels it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Luke Pierce, the Spell Casters’ lead performer, holds many abilities, and one is capturing feelings from others. He uses this to his advantage, but when he strikes the wrong chord with the beautiful dark-haired girl with electric blue eyes standing in the crowd, everything changes.

Both witches have secrets, and those secrets must be kept under lock and key. For these secrets hide a fear they both have and hold onto as if it’s forbidden to show anyone. Which witch will cast the first spell to unlock the other’s heart? Or will their pasts overrule them?

Strings of Magic will be a standalone sprinkled with magic, romance and a touch of mystery. As soon as I have the release date I will post it here! Hope you stay safe, happy and healthy! Much love and many hugs!

Fire Bound

Fire Bound is the amazing new spinoff from the Crescent Bound series. How many will there be? I’m thinking possibly three, but for now, let me tell you a little about David Van Buren. He’s the main character in this story that was an old flame of Alyssa’s (the female lead in Crescent Bound). David’s a little bit older now, and hopefully wiser since the years have passed. In Shadow Bound I mention he’s on the hunt for the Brotherhood of the Raven. The corrupt vile witches that are out for a secret book and forbidden blood. In this story, I’ve opened up a whole new world for David and Evan. Yes, Evan will be David’s lucky sidekick. 😉 I’ve created a world of witches, wolves, and hexes and brought in a slew of new characters. Without giving away too much here’s the synopsis…

In the lush, deep woods surrounding the quaint town of Mistcove, there are those who gather to call upon an evil force that will decimate humankind…

David Van Burren, a witch-hunter, is on his way there after learning about a book that will unleash a powerful demon if found in the hands of dark witches known as the Brotherhood.  He didn’t anticipate locking gazes with a beautiful woman sitting in a café and instantly feeling drawn.

Hannah Wolfenstein is a witch whose family has long angered and frightened the locals of the town, including the Nakoa, a native tribe that lives to eliminate her kind.   

And now the hunt is on as old family feuds escalate and lives are lost, in hopes of securing the only thing that can save the town and the world. Will David find one of the oldest tomes in time to save the woman he loves, or will the Brotherhood get to them first, igniting the land with evil fires and waste?

Copywriter of synopsis – Mirla Morales

My goal is to have Fire Bound published this December along with new covers for the Crescent Bound series. The series will be revamped, revised, and ready for audio for your listening pleasure! I truly hope the readers and fans will enjoy David’s story. As with all my work, it will be in his POV (point of view). I honestly don’t think I could write it any other way.

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. I know this COVID situation has caused so much grief and despair, but I am thinking of each one of you in this time of uncertainty. “Read, write, and do what you love!” – A motto I try to follow everyday. I will post the release date soon and any other news here. A few other places to keep up with me and my work –




Massive love and hugs!

Withering Bones

New release coming soon!

I’m so excited that soon Withering Bones will be released. Withering Bones started off originally titled, Mary Jane, which is the main character. But, I felt Withering Bones seemed more fitting. This story follows what Rich and Keria, (the main characters in The House) discovered about Reidhaven, the asylum and the victims of Deadwood. It will go back in time with a young Mary Jane and from there her story will unravel.

There’s an Author note that will be at the beginning of the book which will say, If you have read The House, you’ll understand this is book two in the series. I would like to warn you that this story is not a fairy tale. The town of Deadwood has many secrets, dark and twisted secrets. In order to tell Mary Jane’s entire story, it has to be told as a whole. With that being said, I truly hope you enjoy the madness that resides deep inside the town of Deadwood.

Now that I have givin’ you a heads up, here’s the blurb – There’s nothing more destructive in this world than a child losing hope. All thoughts of love and protection vanish like a bug hitting a bloodstained windshield. The only thing left are smeared dreams and broken wings. I was taught from a very early age; children should be only seen but are never allowed to speak unless they are told to speak. Seen but not heard. These words resonated with me for years and years. Until one day, I became so isolated from the real world I forgot how to connect with anyone. But… one day, one fateful day, I was shown that if you look through the darkness, there is a light. A bold, bright light that can shine so beautifully at the end. My story is certainly not a fairy tale, it’s not a Cinderella story where she goes to a ball and meets her prince charming, moves into a glamorous castle and they live happily ever after. No, this is the story of how one sees the unthinkable and experiences the unimaginable and learns what love truly is…. Now, if you’re prepared to read my story, a ghost story, then sit back, turn the lights down and step inside my world where monsters hide, dreams are broken and resurrected.

Oh, and by the way, The House will be free on Amazon this Halloween! So be sure to click the link above, grab your copy, tell a friend and I hope you have a very haunting Halloween.

Learning to let go.




I believe people come into our lives for a reason, and I have also heard with each relationship there are lessons one can learn.


Recently, my beautiful sister-in-law came down for a visit. Memories were shared, tears were shed and laughter mended our souls. A particular topic was brought up and it nearly knocked me off my feet.  The topic was about having a ceremony at a national cemetery for my husband. He had served in the Navy and was honorably discharged. She’d mentioned about letting go of his ashes and letting him rest in peace where a healing could be provided for all of us.

A realization hit me…

Have we truly healed after his passing?

After talking with my middle son I soon understood what she meant. I have clung to so many things of his, almost like he went on a far away trip and I awaited for his return. Now, it’s not easy letting go of someone, let alone a soul mate. But, as I sat and stared at my computer screen, viewing the national cemeteries, I understood what I must do. I knew selfishness was not an answer, and I also knew I wanted everyone to heal the best way possible, and in a sense it felt like a band-aid was ripping off a huge, gigantic wound all over again. I cried as the gracious military burial assistant went over each detail,  I apologized through each sob and tried my best to do what was right.

I cried while I made dinner for the night, fully comprehending what was to come, another memorial. Scheduled in the Spring, his birth month, he will have full honors and a place to be remembered for his virtuous service.  I know in my heart this is the right thing to do. My lesson I have grasped through all this is that you can place a band-aid on anything, but to fully heal one must expose the wound, and treat the heartache, treat the pain openly.

Slowly, I’m learning my own soul is repairable, when I read quotes about how losing someone dear felt as if part of them had died as well. I know that feeling. When he passed part of myself died too. But, with time I know I will become whole again, perhaps this is why my own writing has become such a tender spot for me. I miss him reading each line I wrote, miss him commenting about a scene that was amusing or even crying when a character of mine would experience turmoil.

He was definitely one of a kind and someone I will never forget.

There’s a story within a story I remember writing in the Crescent Bound series, about the Mabon celebration, how the seasons change, how Autumn brings about a new perspective on life.

I’m going to add it here,  and pray there is some type of peace and harmony for us all.

“This story I’m about to tell you may seem sad, but we must not forget the message woven within. This is the time when the warmth of summer days leaves us, and the chill of winter nights welcome us. The seasons change as each takes their time for rest. It is also a time when our goddess leaves to go on her journey to the underworld in search of her lost love. Deep in the sacred woods, she travels many nights before coming to a shore where she makes a bonfire, much like this one.

She dances with the gracefulness of the goddess she is. Her chant fills the lonely evening air and carried away in wisps of the wind. Fast and long she dances. Spinning around her spirit lifts up and soars downward, beginning her journey to the underworld. I will not speak of the horror she came upon, from hideous giants, flesh-eating beasts, to fire-breathing dragons, none were able to block her determined path.

The love she held inside fed her desire and strength to forage onward. Being here time and time again she remembers well what lay in wait. She avoids most of the dangers. After passing safely through a swamp that was infested with blood leeches, she arrives at a cavern. Once inside, she finds a stream flowing within. Her bare feet pad slowly as she walks through the shimmering stream. The goddess follows the waters which appear as liquid gold to her eyes. She arrives at a pool filled with pure golden light, the air around her smells of honeysuckle and she knows in that moment she has found her lost love.

Her love lies in the deepest of sleep, the sleep of death is upon him. She begins to raise her voice in song and wash his body with the waters from the golden pool. Her song echoes all throughout the cavern, ringing true with the power of love, of dancing in a meadow in the spring, of the warmth of the sun, of the smell of sunflowers, and of the feel of cool waters on a hot summer day.  All the things the sun king is able to bring to the earth, if only he lives.

After what seems an eternity, he awakens and looks at her. “My goddess, I have no strength to return in this body. I am not able to survive the journey back to the living. But I can dissolve my body and go back into you as a spark of life. A spark that you can nurture and grow until the time is right to be ordained. With his final breath a burst of white light leaves his body and turns into pure energy and joins with our goddess. The infusion ages her but she carries a new sun within her.


Copyright © 2018 by Karli Rush

Giveaway announcement and more…

I would like to congratulate Mrs. Janet Price for winning the giveaway here on my blog! And a huge thank you to everyone entering. Next year, I plan on offering more freebies and perks like this one. I have a few other announcements Fire Bound is now live on Amazon and paperbacks are now available. Here’s what reviewers are saying –

5.0 out of 5 stars ADDICTIVE!!! MAGICAL!!!

The author just doesn’t write a book she writes magic! You don’t just simply feel that you’re reading any old book but living in one! Her words come to life! You feel them with your heart! You’re intrigued from the start and lost in the story deep by the end! Nothing else around you matters! Its absolutely addictive! You’re presented with this mystery that has shocking twists and action filled turns with every page! I absolutely loved it! – Booklover

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!!!

So glad David got his own story. I want to jump right back in and reread this!! I can’t wait for more!! – Amazon reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars Another home run!

Typical spinoffs are predictable. Not this one! I waited patiently for this story (well, as patiently as I could), and I wasn’t disappointed at all! Karli Rush is a master of words! I can’t wait for the next one! I hope her pen is flying through the pages! – Amazon Reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book!!!

This was the first book of the crescent bound series from Karli Rush that I have read. I am now going to have to read from the beginning now so I can get in on all the great writing and get the whole story. I loved what I read in this book!!! Keep writing Karli! – Amazon Reviewer

Now, on to some more exciting news, Opium House Creatives designed new covers for Crescent Bound and Raven Bound. Scroll through the images and take a peek for yourself. I believe she did an outstanding job and I’m so looking forward to the new cover for Demon Bound! Along with newly designed covers for the entire series, audio for Raven Bound will be available too! So, hang tight, soon I’ll have more updates for you!!

I’m off to do some revisions to the series and outline the story for Earth Bound! I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year, stay safe! Massive love and hugs!

What’s that? You want a snippet of Fire Bound? Absolutely, here you go…

Chapter One

Destiny is what’s meant to be, they say it’s what’s written in the stars, your inescapable fate. There’s no avoiding destiny — it’s going to happen no matter what you do. I thought I could change that. Change my destiny to fit what I wanted. But destiny had other plans for me and veered me down another road.

Roads eventually turned into highways and highways turned into different cities. Each one hiding darkness. A darkness most men would run from, but not me. Instead, I hunt for what lurks in the dark. Exposing evil witches for what they truly are— the summoners of demons. Meddling in the dark arts, black magick, and taking innocent lives as they see fit. The oath in our coven is to harm none and that’s why I am hunting down these bastards one by one. I know what the dark Brotherhood of the Raven clan can do. I saw what their kind did to one of our own, and it almost destroyed her. They’re a different breed of witches, obsessed with only greed and power. So now, we’ve formulated a clan called witch hunters, and the Brotherhood will fall.


“What are you talking about, Alyssa?” I hop off my custom-made, Bomb Runner bike and grab some stuff out of my bags. I juggle the phone while I unlock the door to the cabin. “Explosions are gonna happen. No… I didn’t mean for the neighbor’s house to catch on fire. Look, you of all people should know how our fire gets a little out of control?” I let out a sigh and sling my things over to the dusty couch. “Alyssa, look, just tell your Dad everything’s taken care of. Just don’t mention the other stuff, okay?”

I stroll toward the kitchen and start rummaging through the fridge. “Yeah, well, tell everyone I’m still alive and kickin’ ass.” I laugh and press end on my cell phone. The bottled water in my hand almost comes to a boil as I take the cap off. I’m still hotter than hell. Ghostly flames trail up and down my fingertips and I try to reign it in. I didn’t expect to be ambushed by a hoard of fire-breathing witches. A guy can only take so much, so I gave them a dose of their own fire. I had no intention of obliterating someone’s house, though. The end result—they’re gone.

I drag out maps and papers plotting my next move. Every word is encrypted. Every direction is twisted in spells only the Worthington coven knows. I flick the pages back without touching them and get a feeling I’m coming to a dead-end soon. It’s the same feeling when I found out Alyssa and I couldn’t be bound. I knew it before she moved to Montana and I broke off our relationship. An impulsive response and I regretted it the moment I did it. She knew our connection wasn’t a lifemate bond, but nevertheless, I believed I could still have her.

Two witches, lifemates forming an intimate bond like this only makes them stronger together. Bound by blood, their souls would never sever. It’s the foundation of our kind. I had fallen so in love with her— nothing would get in my way. No mortal. No witch. And I thought it would happen for us until, that is, Marcus Del Dante came into the picture. Her true lifemate, and even then, I still thought she belonged to me. It’s taken me years to finally accept my destiny and let go of the notion we belonged together. Which is why I am here miles and miles away. Instead of hunting for her love, I’m hunting down the ones that almost destroyed her.  

I glance down at my phone, a picture of Alyssa and her son, Aden, flash across my screen. She’s probably checking in again. I know the Worthington coven worries about a lone witch out and about, chasing down the most dangerous coven. But I’ve made it this far, maybe scorched a little here and there, but nothing I can’t handle. I pick off the singed pieces from my shirt and hit ignore on the call. Still to this day I’m affected by the sound of her voice. Yeah, I may put on a good front and act all cocky, but I can’t let myself slip. I have to stay focused, and more importantly, keep my heart guarded.

Locked, bolted, and impenetrable.

My neck starts to ache like a mother, and I decide it’s time to shower. I slide one small map out and mark off the locations I plan to hit next. Shifting to the bedroom I start to grab some towels when I hear a knock on the door. No one knows I’m here. I picked this spot because of its isolation, a lone cabin in the woods. Not a soul could find this place, but apparently, someone has. I tilt my head side to side and whisper, “Flames on.”

I reach the front door and open it with an age-old spell. “Patefio.” I’m ready to light up whoever followed me here.



“What the hell?” I growl, my flames die out and I pierce him with an exasperated look. “Did you bring the cavalry here too?” I peer out the door checking to see if anyone else came with him. He’s already shifted inside.

“No,” he says behind me.

“Mr. Worthington?”





“No,” he says calmly striding toward a chair and takes a seat making himself at home. “You know, you might want to conceal your trail more, David—”

“Conceal? What do you mean? No one followed me here except, you,” I retort and cross my arms over my chest.

“Well, I wouldn’t have followed you if it weren’t for the smoke signals every five miles or so.” He slides his black, leather gloves off and stares at me as if I’m losing my touch.

“Smoke? What smoke?” I brush off his absurd comments and take a seat across from him.

“The police think there’s an arsonist in the area.”

“Well, good. That’ll keep’em off my trail.”

Evan shakes his head. “A trail of smoke led me directly here, David?” He scoots back in his seat and adds, “I’m surprised there’s still rubber on your bike out there.”

“Don’t you worry about my bike, Evan. I got everything under control.” I stand and start walking toward the door. “Hey, you want something to drink. Maybe some tea?” Evan carefully watches me as I drum my fingers along the doorframe. “I’m sure there’s a box of Lipton or whatever it is you drink down the road. Ah… Damn it. I can’t think of that name of the store at the moment, but you’ll figure it out once you get there.”

“No, David. I’m not needing a drink and I’m not leaving…yet.”

I glare up at the ceiling and lean against the wall. “What gives? Did Daniel put you up to this?”

“Not exactly, we have a few more leads.”

“Leads on more of the Brotherhood? Can’t be possible, Evan. I’ve pretty much, single-handedly, mind you, extinguished most of those sleazebags out,” I explain. Evan slips out an envelope, and as his dark trench coat fans out more, and I can see clear vials stashed in the other pocket. I nod his way. “What are you now? CIA? Worthington’s top-notched detective?” I chuckle smugly. “Because the way you’re dressed doesn’t fit you, Evan. It’s way overkill.”

“Have you not heard a word I said?” He glances up at me. “Every area you’ve been to, the cops are in hot pursuit for an arsonist riding a motorcycle. It won’t take long before someone remembers something.” He redirects his gaze from me and pulls out an array of photos and documents. Carefully, he places each across the coffee table in front of us. “Now, do you recognize these?”

I walk over and study the images. “Yeah. I do. The book that summoned Jinn, but I thought…”

“They no longer exist?  Well, we think someone has conjured a new one,” Evan states and hands me a photo of a group of men and women gathered around a plain, old building. At the bottom, the words Willowshire coven are written. Nothing seems out of the ordinary to me, so I hand it back to him. “Okay? So, there’s a new book of shadows to summon our good ol’ buddy, Jinn?”

Evan clears his throat and leans forward. “No, not Jinn. A different demon.”  

The release date for Fire Bound!

I’m a romance kinda girl, but I have a Stephen King heart. ❤
Author updates for December and more. 

Hi! What a year this has been, right? Well, I hope to shine a little light and brighten your day. The first thing I want to share is Fire Bound will go live on Amazon, December 10th. Yes, you read that right! I’ve had several readers ask about David from the Crescent Bound series, so I decided to write a spinoff. It will have new characters, and of course, some magic. You can grab your pre-order here Fire Bound.
So I don’t give too much away I’ll add the blurb – 

In the lush, deep woods surrounding the quaint town of Mistcove, there are some who gather to call upon an evil force that will decimate humankind…

David Van Burren, a witch-hunter, is on his way there after learning about a book that will unleash a powerful demon if found in the hands of dark witches known as the Brotherhood. He didn’t anticipate locking gazes with a beautiful woman sitting in a café and instantly feeling drawn.

Hannah Wolfenstein is a witch whose family has long angered and frightened the locals of the town, including the Nakoa, a native tribe that lives to eliminate her kind.

And now the hunt is on as old family feuds escalate and lives are lost in hopes of securing the only thing that can save the town and the world. Will David find one of the oldest tomes in time to save the woman he loves, or will the Brotherhood get to them first, igniting the land with evil fires and waste?

Be sure to mark your calendars and grab your copy.

Plus, with all this exciting news – I’m going to do a giveaway for one newly designed Crescent Bound paperback and a $25 Amazon gift card. Be sure to enter! Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a magical month! Happy holidays!!!

$100 Amazon Weekly Giveaway!

Here’s you’re chance to enter this Giveaway! This week I will be part of a fantastic weekly giveaway and I will have Nine Lives on Sale for 99 cents on Amazon. Below, I will place the links and a few details on some other special deals! So, keep reading…

Trixie is a feline of a unique sort. She’s hustled the streets of the Big Easy many times but never quite like this. Trixie finds that when in New Orleans, Hoodoo is much more than a tourist shop full of souvenirs. Reality has never been stranger and the stakes are much higher than ever before. See how this sexy feline takes on every challenge thrown at her and in the process discovers that there’s more to life than meets the eye.

This is a (short) story in an upcoming series by Karli Rush.
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Pine Needles will be only 99 cents this week as well! So, grab your copy!
Dystopian Romance novel.

Sindale, a city devastated by a ravaging earthquake, pulverizing the lives of many. Separating, and dividing families, changing the reality as they once knew it. Thousands of men, women, and children will forever be affected, but none as gravely as Rayden and Selene.
A couple endlessly in love will struggle with their own battles, one against chaos and madding riots and the other… a nightmarish unearthly realm. Splitting the serene city in two by a mysterious confining veil, the boundaries are set and their mortal lives are at stake. What will it take to keep one’s own sanity, humanity, and one’s only love? Or will it be too late?

Due to adult content this book is recommended for ages 18+

Amazon link –

Be sure to stay in touch or if you want to just keep updated on what I am writing next then please visit –

I also have a few free audio codes, so, if you enjoy audio books then contact me or leave a comment below! Here’s the links if you would like to hear a sample of either book on Audible.

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I truly wish everyone the best, please take care! Massive love and hugs to all!!!

Our Moments in our autistic world.

I feel like I have been riding on a roller coaster, I’m sure most of you can relate. Recently, we had family come in from Pennsylvania and Virginia for my husband’s ceremony. Everything went beautifully, I felt more at peace placing my husband’s remains at this gorgeous national cemetery. Having friends and family around always makes things run a little smoother. And, I do feel it gave everyone some closure, including myself.

Now the one thing I was truly hoping for was for my youngest son, Nick, to truly enjoy meeting his family from out-of-town. I realize it was a lot for him to take in… new people, new sights, new scents. The experience was new for him. And then you add the dreary, rainy weather in the mix and you get a very unhappy camper. I know some may say, “Oh, the weather can’t possibly have anything to do with headaches or behavior changes…” But I am here to tell you, yes, it can and does with my son. He can literally feel a storm brewing hours before it actually hits our area, he paces feverishly around the house. Peering out of each and every window like he’s waiting for the storm of all storms to come, and then afterwards, the pounding headaches occur. He struggles so much in just dealing with the pain, it’s difficult for him to focus on anything else.

Each time I can see the mountain of frustration riddling his face. And as an autistic parent it can be extremely tough, because for him it’s hard to verbalize what’s going on. We’ve come a long way and I have discovered so, so much in these past few years since my husband passed away. It’s not a path I would pick even for my worst enemy; raising a child with a disability on one’s own. It’s not easy by any means.

But there is a gift … For me, there are days I see him, my son, I can actually see this beautiful young man staring back at me. There are days where he just comes up and kisses me on the cheek and hugs me, cooks with me, paints with me and those are the days I cherish more than anything else. Those are the days that offer hope to me, that tell me not to give up.

One thing I found truly encouraging when our family came down was how accepting everyone was, how each family member boldly offered their love to him. There was never a moment of insulting questions or offhanded remarks. Everyone seemed to understand that Nick has autism, that a sudden sound or common noise to us could trigger a meltdown for him.

Even though a union of acceptance surrounded us, my stress level was off the charts, only because I desperately wanted Nick to allow his grandmother one glance, one hug, maybe a few words like, I love you, but he was confined in the world of autism. Perhaps, in time and with the many changes I am including in our daily life, more progress will show.

So, in this blog, I want to address two things. One – Don’t ever give up on the ones you love and Two – don’t give up on the things you love. And in saying this, I have finally, after three long years, completed a novel, titled Memoirs of a Superhero. Yes, it is available on Amazon, and yes, I do plan on writing more, a lot more! 😉

I truly believe there is a unique journey for all of us and I know some days can be somewhat challenging, believe me I know! But even in the darkest of nights there are always stars shining above us.

So please help spread the awareness. Help educate, support, encourage, and love families living and dealing with autism. One kind word or act of kindness toward them can go a long, long way!

Challenges we may face.


I recently came across a video that emotionally touched me on so many levels and it made me realize that we all face challenges. Some are harder than others and their difficulty varies with each individual. For the most part, we all face them. In this video, a mother of an autistic child states it’s not okay that we are dealt the cards we have been given- and I totally agree.  In saying this, it strengthens my drive, my hope and my mission. Now, I will be honest with you… there are a few days- (okay a lot of days) – that I feel completely and utterly defeated. I wonder exactly the same as this mother does, and then something in me starts conjuring thoughts, goals and what-ifs in me.

I’ve had my son on the GF/CF (gluten free and casein free) diet for years now. We  also work with a truly wonderful holistic physician in our area. Improvements have been made, but I know there’s so much more I can do. We’ve focused on the Feingold diet this year and discovered even more about my son’s overall health. There’s not a day that goes by that I am not learning and refining our autism world. Our biggest hurdle is sounds! He’s very sensitive to sounds and my home has become like a ghost town with a grungy old sagebrush blowing quietly in the breeze. We have donned ear plugs and headsets. Captions and subtitles adorn each movie and video we turn on. Alexa even whispers in quiet mode! I’m sure most autistic moms reading this will understand that you can do everything humanly possible to help with the daily on-goings in the autism life, but there are some days a meltdown happens. And after all these years,  I thought I would be able to predict a meltdown coming… nope! Sometimes they just happen. It could be when you have company over, or a ring from a cell phone, maybe even the honk from a car outside. But you do the very best you can in this type of situation.

Now, for me -I can’t say this for anyone else, I get really down every single time this happens. You might ask, Why? Simply because I want so desperately to heal and recover my autistic son. I want more than anything in this world to share a life with him, to share a movie with him, to play a video game with him, to travel places together. All to watch every spectacular smile appear on his beautiful face. I would absolutely LOVE to hear him tell me his dreams or anything that he’s excited about!

I only get glimpses of him when it’s a good day. Occasionally I get little notes from him about what he would like to have for dinner. I sit and quietly observe him while he’s busy drawing out national flags or logos in systematic detail. I can actually see him, brief as it maybe, a dark eyed glance as he shares the pictures with me. Those are moments I enjoy and yes, I am greedy because I want more- more interaction, more loving, curious looks from him and more of his contagiously happy smiles. 

In writing this today and watching that video has done a number of things for me: One: I am not alone. Two: Never give up hope,  and Three: Cherish what we have. – Always.

I have a dear friend that’s repeatedly asked for my son and I to participate in a wonderful theater program here in my hometown. If you have taken note on anything I have written above, then, you will clearly understand why my son and I haven’t yet. We are, simply put, just not there, but maybe someday.

I believe sometimes it’s kind of hard for others to understand if their children or teens are doing it, then why can’t yours? And I truly know they mean well and perhaps if we share our own stories (like the mother I had mentioned from the video), we can all learn to have more compassion and new perspectives.

I’m going to add the link here if you want to check out another amazing mother warrior – I Will Sit With You In The Dark

From my family to yours we hope you have an amazing holiday and an epic New Year!

Massive love and hugs! 

I’m so excited to announce…

Tripping on a Halo image one


I have the honor to share Alessandra Torre, one of my all time favorite authors, cover reveal! Tripping on a Halo!



I absolutely love it! Now, if you haven’t read anything by her, then let me share a little bit about her… Alessandra Torre is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of nineteen novels. Torre has been featured in such publications as Elle and Elle UK, as well as guest-blogged for the Huffington Post and RT Book Reviews. She is also the Bedroom Blogger for

In addition to writing, Alessandra is the creator of Alessandra Torre Ink, a website, community, and online school for aspiring authors.

Learn more about Alessandra on her website at, or you can find her on Twitter (@ReadAlessandra) or her Facebook fanpage.


Tripping on a Halo Synopsis –

It’s really hard to save a guy’s life when he keeps running from you…
You might be asking yourself why I’m waving an inflatable penis in the air and screaming at the top of my lungs. If I took time to explain, Declan Moss would get hit by a bus.

Let me back up. I didn’t ask for this. I was perfectly happy—and perfectly sane—before I was tasked with keeping Declan Moss alive. It was a thankless job until the moment that my panties dropped and his delicious smirk found his way in between my thighs.

Hello, toe-curling ecstasy. Goodbye, professional boundaries. And suddenly, there’s a new danger to avoid: the falling of my heart.


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Release Date: December 7, 2018
Cover Design: Perfect Pear Creative



And here’s a teaser for Tripping on a Halo!





So…? What are you waiting for? Go preorder Tripping on a Halo now! I know I’m counting down the days for this, and I promise you will not regret it! I truly LOVE every Alessandra Torre writes!