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Yes! That’s right, only twenty more days until the BIG event down in Springdale, Arkansas!!! Yay! I have only a few more authors I’m going to give a shout out to (there will be about oh, forty or so, more authors going to attend and I’m running out of time to post, lol).

Vicki Green


Book blurb –

‘With all my heart,
With every inch of my Soul,
With every breath I take,
I promise to love you forever’

Cassie can’t remember being loved, being wanted. At a young age she was placed in Foster care that moved her around from one place to the other. Finally being freed at 18, she was left with no money and nowhere to go until she finds a small town in Kansas where she can start over.

Little did she know her life was going to be uprooted again when she is kidnapped and brutally raped.

Jesse is considered HOT in most women’s eyes, but has little time for Romance. While searching for his Mother’s killers, he witnesses a young girl being kidnapped. He now faces decisions that he must make quickly.

Will Jesse rescue Cassie? Will Cassie ever find the happiness she longs for?

*Due to a graphic rape scene, strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


Book Blurb –

‘Together Forever,
never apart,
maybe in distance,
Never in Heart’

After escaping her ordinary life and following her dream of writing a romance novel, Allie Richard’s finds herself falling in love with her sexy best friend Shane Barton. But all too soon, her past catches up to her, trying to tear their budding romance apart.

Finally finding the amazing girl of his dreams, Shane Barton races to protect what’s his and will do anything to protect her. This loving, and sexy man is tender to the touch but will fight to keep them together.

Will Allie and Shane be able to withstand what her past throws at them to put an end to their happiness? Will they ever be able to be Together Forever?

*Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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Next we have Tich Brewster… 


Book Blurb –

Makayla’s life seems to have taken a downward spiral. Her twin blames himself for not protecting her over the summer. To add to her stress, her mom is in ICU suffering from injuries acquired after being hit by a drunk driver. Depression is heavy on her heart. Can her former best friend help to mend her broken heart?

Last but definitely not least we have Sara Marion!


Book Blurb –

Paxton Mercier was a trauma surgeon who was on the fast track for success. However, one night in the O.R. changes her life forever.

In a matter of months, she loses her best friend Ella, her relationship with her mother sours, and her husband, Jack, walks out on her. Overcome with pain, Paxton loses herself and finds
herself checking into a mental institution to hide away from the world.

When Jack shows up at the institution unexpectedly, Paxton finds her world in another tailspin. She struggles to hold the pieces of herself together. She feels like she has no one to turn to except the one person who never stopped caring for her, Duke Avery, Ella’s husband and Jack’s best friend.

This is the first book in the Breath of Life series.


Okay, well there is a taste of the talent that will be with me at the Indie MashUp!  Did I mention Male Models? No? Well, Yes, there will be several Male Models at the event and I also have several things of my own that I want to share with you, but that will be in the next installment on the Countdown to the Indie MashUp!  Until then, happy reading everyone.