Daylight – Novel in Progress – Snippet

Upcoming Novel 2013</p><p>© by Karli Rush 2012

The Midnight Train- I crumple my hand around a fist full of twenties and wad them back into my skinny jeans. I flick the shade back and watch the stars string along the predawn sky. Seventy bucks for a midnight train ride out of the wasteland is not a bad deal at all.I’m leaving my old town, my old fucked up life back in the north and heading south, to a vamp town. I can just see my mom, well, not my real mom, but in the vampire world, she is the one who changed me, so by default, she is ‘mother dearest’.I can just imagine her raging and ranting right about now. Waking up from her blood drunken stupor and calling out for me. Not this time, I am so gone…

Coming soon . . . Daylight.

This novel had a beginning that is called Prelude to Death. It is available free on Smashwords, download it here.…

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