Great Piece from A Life Among the Pages and our very own Karli Rush

A Life Among The Pages


Hello everyone, first off I would like to thank Robert Zimmermann for the “Tweet-invite”, I am honored to be asked to post about “Authors We Love”.  Hi, I am Karli Rush, a paranormal romance author.  My saying as an author is that “I’m a romance kinda girl, but I have a Stephen King heart.”   So want to guess as to who I love?  Stephen King, to me, is one of the most fascinating authors of our time.  How he got to be the success that he is today is just as interesting.  I think every author out there has had that moment, you should know the one where your finger hovers over the delete button on a file containing months of work.  I have been there, teetering on the brink of an unsure abyss and the thought that brings me back is one of Stephen King and his first work…

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