Counting down to Book Two in the Trilogy of Alyssa Worthington, Raven Bound

Hello everyone,

Time is drawing near for the release of book Two in the Crescent Bound Trilogy.  Raven Bound is expected to hit e-book retailers on Monday, June 25th, 2012.  One week left before you get to continue Alyssa’s story.

Alyssa narrowly survives her encounter with Naomi and the dark magick she wielded. Things now seem to be going Alyssa’s way again.  Her and Marc see nothing but happiness in front of them.  I guess they should have looked over their shoulders, because that is where the darkness that still pursues Alyssa comes from this time.

Separated from each other, but still connected through their life-bond, brings each of them to the brink of madness.  And Alyssa risks loosing the one thing she can not live without…her soul!

Raven Bound will hit the market next week.  Clicking the link below will get you to my Smashwords authors page where you can find Raven Bound once it is released.

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