Karli Rush Author interview – Part 3

Hello eveyone welcome back to the show, my name is Lucky and I’m lucky to be here.  I am going to be your host as we dive deeper into the world of Crescent Bound with Author Karli Rush.  Karli, how have you been since we last spoke?

(Just sitting down and putting on the headset)  Lucky, I have been busy, I’m starting to think my name is a verb more than a noun.  I do have something fun to talk about though.

Good, fun is good.

Well throughout today’s interview there will be hints to a download code that will get you a free copy of Crescent Bound.  I would guess that if you pay attention to grammar, the code will be revealed.  Now if we go through this and you didn’t get the code you can still write me for it, but isn’t it more fun to have a scavenger hunt.

(smiling) I hope your not counting on me for grammar, so how do we knoW that the code is complete?

It will go in order throughout the interview and will only be five digits long.  Letters and numbers, and at the end I will tell you how to redeem the code for a free download of Crescent Bound.

Alright, well lets get things started then, Karli, in your bio that I read it says that you use to hang out in graveyards, can you tell us about that?

Yes, I use to read Stephen KinG in old Cherokee graveyards as a teen, but let me say this, never at night, I was not that brave.  My place was always full of people and I wanted to get away, the graveyard thing appealed to me because I knew no one would look for me and no one would bother me while I read, which was the point in going there.

You know Karli, you become more interesting with each passing interview.

Lucky, thanks, but I must say that I find the characters in Crescent Bound way more interesting than me.  Like Daniel Worthington, Alyssa’s father.  He has lived through some of the most interesting times in history and some of the most dangerous too, he is amazing.

As always Karli you have a sixth sense about our surprise guest Daniel Worthington.  Welcome Mr. Worthington.

(Daniel walks in and takes Karli’s hand kissing it.)  Tu es belle Karli.

(Blushing slightly) Why thank you Daniel, I am flattered you think so.

(Smiling) It is a trite for one who has created my world.

Mr. Worthington,  Karli has created a world within a world so to speak, can you tell us about the Witch world a bit?

Magic surrounds everyone everywhere but the humans, 4 the most part, are not able to tap into this energy.  On the other hand Witches are born having the magickal energy within them.  So, we have two world created at birth by nature itself.  Humanity seems more at ease not knowing certain things.  Governments of the world quickly learned this and have been operating this way 2.  Witches are not the only world flying below the raDar, as they say.

We “hide” for the lack of a better world for protection and privacy.  Witches require privacy and when I heard about Karli and her visits to graveyards for solitude, that in itself is very Witch like.

Fascinating stuff,  Karli, anything to add to that.

Lucky, I would say that I hope the Crescent Bound series can begin to relay that different is not bad, and that open minded kindness truly is the way to a better world.

Well said Karli, I would like to add to your words with a quote from a great friend of mine, and if he were here to day he would delight in your writings.  Basil of Caesarea lived many years ago and once wrote this, “A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.”

What a great note to end on, and with that said, we are out of time for today, this is your host wishing you a good read.

Oh, quickly, go to smashwords.com and search for Crescent Bound and use the 5 digit code to download a free copy of the book.  The download code will expire on April 1st, again if you missed the code, just ask me for it.

Thanks everyone, see you next time.


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